Camp Store

The Firefly Camp Store extends an open invitation to everyone who is interested in selling their amazing goods and wares to our equally amazing community.

Set your own prices.  The store takes a small commission, which supports both store management and the Firefly Kids' Program materials.

Types of merchandise can include, but not be limited to: all sorts of handmade items of a primitive-skills nature; supplies for making various crafts; books and CDs (especially how-to); new and gently-used clothing; soaps; tinctures; natural medicinals; leather goods; jewelry; buckskins; knives; honey; and much more.

Trading and Selling Stuff (Camp Store and More):  Do you have some very special items that you would like to sell at Firefly?  You have some options.  We have a trade blanket Friday night, a barter circle Saturday night, and we also have the camp store, which will sell your stuff for a 20% commission (10% goes to the storekeepers; 10%, after expenses, will go this year to the FFG Scholarship Fund).  The camp store was incredibly popular last year. Because of this, in order to be clear and fair, we have adopted the following policies:

  • General Participants can check in stuff between 5 and 9 pm on Wednesday evening and between 8am and 12 noon on Thursday and Friday, and, if there is remaining space in the store, between 8 am and 10 am on Saturday. 
  • Each vendor has a limited space in the store.  Each vendor is entitled to 1.5 feet of table width (tables are around 2.5 feet deep) or clothing rack space. If instructors want extra space in the store, please contact storekeepers by June 5th in order to ask for extra space.
  • Store space will be given on a first come, first served basis with handmade and event relevant items given preference for space.

If you are interested, please print and fill out the inventory sheet, found here (PDF).  If you cannot download and print in advance, we will have inventory sheets available when you arrive at the Camp Store.  Once you have checked in at the Registration Tent, please locate the Firefly Store and check in with our store managers -- Erica Lea and Phillip Daniels.

If you have any questions prior to Firefly concerning your inventory, please feel free to contact Erica and Phillip in advance at