Class Schedule

The schedule for 2016 is coming together very, very nicely. Please check out what we have so far... it will only get better. Allow a moment for the list to load, then scroll down this page a bit, and then you can scroll down the list in the inset.  You will receive a copy in the Gatebook you'll receive when you arrive.

Because life is what it is, please be aware that there will be a few last-minute schedule changes and class locations, please check the Kiosk boards at Firefly Central (large canopy tent in the middle of the grounds).

We offer eight class sessions over the four days -- one each morning and one each afternoon, for a total of eight class sessions.  You can sign up for one class each session.

Check out our General Schedule to see how the hours of the day are allocated in terms of class times, meal times, and other activities.

There will be an opportunity for you to sign up for classes at the event. We post the sign-up sheets the evening before each day's classes. For example, Thursday evening, you will sign up for Friday classes, and so on. Even if you are not on the premises the night before (for example, if you have a Day Pass for Friday), there will still be plenty of class slots on the morning of the next day's classes -- maybe not your first choice, but still plenty of awesome classes.