Firefly Gathering Staff:

Donations Coordinator

Becky Beyer is the donations coordinator for Firefly this year. She teaches organic gardening, soil science and primitive skills classes all over the Southeast. You can check out her take on Appalachian folk magic, rewilding and plant lore at

Registration Coordinator

Natalie lives off in the mountains of North Carolina a ways on up past the Bradford pears and the daylily patch. She doesn't wear buckskin every day or even hunt squirrels for breakfast with a bow and arrow, but she may be found weaving baskets, tanning hides, harvesting forest nuts and herbs, or digging at a potential clay source from the neighbor's road cut. Natalie enjoys the challenges of living off of and in harmony with the land, and plans on hanging out with the old-timers and young experimentalists until she figures out just exactly how to do it.

Coordinator of the Childcare Cooperative

Nora Love is an experienced preschool teacher and mama. She spends time exploring nature with young children. Her practice is focused on providing a nurturing environment in which all children can flourish.

Communications Coordinator

Bari Caton has been with Firefly practically since its beginning, and currently works year-round as its communications coordinator. She’s the friendly voice behind our website’s phone number and info@ email address, and she also helps edit our newsletters. If you have a question, she can either answer it or find someone who can. Bari’s been living in the Asheville area for nearly 30 years, and works professionally as an editor and writer.

Staff Caretaker/Gift Organizer

Amber is the Staff caretaker & gift organizer. Amber loves wild foods, acorns and medicinal plants and is passionate about incorporating them into magical meals and baked goods. Check out to learn more.

Pre-Event Registrar/Bookkeeper

Emily Bell is happy to call Barnardsville her home and lives nestled among a sweet community of neighbors with her husband, two girls, and stepson. When she isn't processing payments and communicating with registrants for Wild Abundance and Firefly, she enjoys growing food and medicine, making brooms, raising rabbits, crafting, and enjoying the many lessons that life throws her way.

Kitchen Coordinator