• FIrefly Gathering 2017
    June 28th - July 2nd, 2017
  • Leicester, North Carolina
    Primiative Earth Skills & Permaculture Workshops
  • Bushcraft and Campcraft
    Traditional Living Skills
    Hunting and Fishing
  • Plant Medicine and Food
    Plant Medicine and Food
    Plant Medicine and Food
    Gardening and Permaculture
    Plant Medicine and Food
    Fire, Metal and Stone Classes
    Homesteading and Survivalism Classes
  • Get Involved
The gathering offers a wide range of classes for adults and children on eco-homesteading, primitive skills, permaculture and nature connection that are designed to enhance your everyday life.
Firefly gathers a bevy of inspiring, amazing people. In addition to two class sessions each of the four days, we offer evening entertainment, basic infrastructure, and on-site camping.
We encourage you to check out the Firefly Manifesto to find out how we have all  come together for four days every summertime for nearly a decade to share skills and commune with each other and nature.


Classes and Programs

Bushcraft and Campcraft

Hunting and Fishing Hunting classes include instruction in the use of hunting tools such as archery, and knife and tomahawk throwing.  We also offer classes where you can learn to make hunting tools like... Read More

Fire, Metal and Stone Classes

Fire-Making We have crossed many significant thresholds on our journey to becoming modern human beings: walking upright, language, art, religion, horticulture and irrigation. Perhaps the most important is the careful cultivation and taming... Read More

Community and Storytelling

Interpersonal Communication         Communication & Community Building Ancient Chinese knowledge teaches that “the community that practices nonviolent communication together, stays together.” OK, so maybe it’s a new Asheville saying, but... Read More