Luke McLaughlin Goes Wild

Luke McLaughlin of Holistic Survival School

“To me, Firefly is special because it’s the gathering that’s closest to home (literally). It’s the place where I can show up as my authentic self and be celebrated. It is the place where I can share my gifts as a teacher and also help inspire folks who are hungry for knowledge and skills.”

Artist Madison Moore Prioritizes The Outdoors

Madison Moore

“It wasn’t until I started attending Earthskills gatherings that I reconnected with my ‘Little Me’ who had participated in nature, not existing merely as a witness and bystander to its workings.”

Nancy Basket Weaves Stories And Vines

Nancy Basket

Moving across the US and living in different areas prompted the use of whatever grew in the backyard.

Changing of the Guard

Chloe Tipton and Marissa Percoco

Marissa Percoco, a longtime member of the Firefly family, is our new Executive director.

2019 Firefly Financial Statement

bonfire drum circle

The Gathering is run by a group of educators, activists and stewards who are working diligently to make this a financially sustainable project while promoting our mission.