Tips For Your First Firefly Experience

child carving wood

Don’t be shy! This gathering is full of like-minded, open, and kind-hearted folks. Make it a point to connect with someone new and you will be glad you did.

Sharing Herbal Wisdom With Children

Family chopping herbs

I taught my oldest son that plants are our friends, and that they are living, breathing, and beneficial.

Savoring Spring with Ayurvedic Intuitive Eating

fresh asparagus for spring lunches

As the heaviness of winter slips away you may notice your body naturally craving lighter foods. The spring season begs us to please our palates with edibles that are lower in fat, cleansing, and naturally detoxifying.

Camping With A Newborn Baby

newborn baby first camping trip

We have been blessed with a calm baby who loves nature, but many moments were difficult.

How to Bring Yoga with You to Firefly

person holding yoga mat

Yoga is not only asana, or yoga postures, but a practice in uniting your mind, body, and breath to keep your body’s energy flowing freely at the gathering.