Food Vendor

Apply here to be a vendor at the Firefly Gathering.

Firefly has attracted with around 1,000 attendees for the 4-day event that has been happening since 2008, This year’s 10th anniversary gathering will be held Thursday through Sunday, June 28-July 2, 2017.

Our audience is composed of Earth-loving people of all shapes and sizes (and flavors and dietary requirements and preferences). We expect our vendors to be aware of and respectful toward the individual styles and needs of all community members. Generally folks appreciate high-quality (organic if possible), somewhat healthy (French fries are always still a hit) food.

We are selective of our vendors, and only have a few openings. We like to make sure that all vendors have plenty of business. It is a good place to make money, and it is a fabulous place to connect with awesome people practicing Earthskills (everything from permaculture to solar power, to raising hogs, to making baskets and homemade bows).

Please read and fill out our application here: