Be a Vendor

We’re so excited you’re curious about vending with us at Firefly! The goods and services you bring is part of what makes Firefly special, so thank you! We have two types of vendors at the event:
Craft Vendors

We no longer have the Firefly Camp Store! Although we’re sad to see it gone for some reasons, we have a great opportunity for craft vendors to have their own 10×10 foot space at the event. This space will be just inside the main entrance with other craft vendors, in the flow of all traffic entering the event, near main camp and the food trucks.

All craft vendors must be approved by our staff by filling out this application which will then be reviewed. There is a $100 craft vendor fee which does not include registration to the event. Vendors must primarily offer locally handmade crafts or materials that are clearly oriented toward or of benefit to the Earth Skills community. Firefly maintains the authority to refuse sale of illegal items, alcohol, food, guns, and anything inappropriate.  No books, unless you wrote or bound them. No fireworks.

Up to 3 individual crafters are permitted to share a vendor space (one space, one fee), but each vendor must be approved by our staff. Please fill out ONE application to apply as a group.

We are all filled for 2018; check back next year!
Food & Beverage Vendors

We only accept 4 food vendors to assure that there are plenty of customers for all. The only food that the event serves is breakfasts and suppers to our volunteers and staff. We don’t serve food to our paying participants, which is why we need YOU!

For this reason, the positions are rather competitive. It is a good place to make money, and it is a fabulous place to connect with awesome people. People tend to want food mostly at meal times, 8AM-9:15AM, 12PM-2PM, 5PM-7:30PM, but also like to eat at other times. If you want to secure your spot to vend at FFG, we will need a $300 deposit, which is refundable at the end of event. Generally folks appreciate high-quality (organic if possible), somewhat healthy (French fries are always still a hit) food.

Rather than charging money from our vendors, we generally ask for trade in the form of coupons for menu items. Please see the application for details.

Apply Here