Crafts in Basketry, Fibers, Leatherwork, Clothing, and Making Natural Dyes

We have a range of classes in Crafts Examples include Basketry, Fibers, Leatherwork, Clothing, and Making Natural Dyes (see below for more about these) Check out our Permaculture and Organic Gardening classes, as well as the Fire, Metal, and Stone and Homesteading/Survivalism sections for additional related classes! Basketry From the … Read More

Community and Storytelling

Communication & Community Building Ancient Chinese knowledge teaches that “the community that practices nonviolent communication together, stays together.” OK, so maybe it’s a new Asheville saying, but the skills of empathic engagement, peacemaking and healthy communicating are certainly age-old wisdoms that are oftentimes overlooked in the modern world. That’s why … Read More

Natural Building and Appropriate Technology

Natural Building Clay. Straw. Wood. Stone. Debris shelters. Wattle-and-daub walls. Timber-framing. Tiny homes. Three-season shelters. Putting a roof over one’s head is one of the most important ways we empower ourselves and become fully human, and there are as many different strategies of how to do that naturally as there … Read More

Homesteading and Survivalism Classes

We offer classes in everything from the basics like homesteading for beginners to solar panel hook-up to emergency preparedness. Check out our permaculture and organic gardening classes, natural building and living off-grid, and fire, metal, and stone sections for additional related classes! Thrival and Survival When we talk about survivalism, … Read More