Contact Us

Contacting us year-round:

If you have questions about Firefly Gathering any time year-round or wish to contact a specific staff member, send us an email.  Or call 828-777-8777  day or evening 9 AM — 9 PM Eastern Time.    

Your loved ones at home:

When attending a Firefly event, please let your loved ones know you arrived safely!  We will try to locate a person on the premises only in case of true emergencies.

The huge scale of the event makes it nearly impossible to locate people who fail to let their families and friends know they arrived safely.  You can give your loved ones the phone number above but only for real emergencies 24/7.

Lost and Found:

If you lost an item, please send an email to Bari at as soon as possible.  It’s better to send the email than a phone call or text, so she can track the inquiries more efficiently.   Include a description and your phone number.  We hold items for about a month after the event.  Unclaimed items are donated to charity.

If you plan to attend Firefly 2019, it’s not too early to start identifying your possessions so they can more easily be returned to you should you lose them next year.

Please mark your personal possessions with at least your name: water bottles, cellphones, knives and other tools, key rings, clothing, towels, hats, kids’ toys, portable chairs, tents, books and journals, cookware and eating implements, craft projects begun during the Gathering — anything of value to you. 

If possible, include a phone number and/or email address.  During the event, there will be a central location for lost and found items.  After the event, contact us at the above email or phone to see if we have your items.

You’d be amazed at the sheer volume of lost and found items that get turned in during the event – easily a pickup truck full.  We hold items for about a month after the event.  Unclaimed items are donated to charity.