Crafts in Basketry, Fibers, Leatherwork, Clothing, and Making Natural Dyes

We have a range of classes in Crafts

Examples include Basketry, Fibers, Leatherwork, Clothing, and Making Natural Dyes (see below for more about these)

Check out our Permaculture and Organic Gardening classes, as well as the Fire, Metal, and Stone and Homesteading/Survivalism sections for additional related classes!


From the beginning, one of Firefly’s anchors has been the rich Appalachian craft tradition, and at the heart of that mountain crafting community is basket-making. Our basketry track is full of classes utilizing traditional basket-making techniques, as well as more modern techniques. Some of our classes from past years have included classes such as Tulip Poplar Bark Baskets; Pine Needle Baskets; Kudzu Square Basket; Split Kudzu Vine Basket Weaving; and Free Form Vine Baskets.

Fibers & Natural Dyes

One of the most wonderful things about being part of a community that makes such an abundant life with their hands is being part of the rich tapestry of fiber arts that’s interwoven with the craft of natural dyeing. Our fiber track spans a wide spectrum from the more primitive fiber classes like Cordage College and Making Rabbit Fur Blankets, to more complex weaving classes like Rigid-Heddle Backstrap Loom Weaving, Peruvian Finger Weaving, and Spinning Yarn with a Drop Spindle. There are even fiber classes for the post-industrial recycling-minded folks, like Twined Rag Rug and Loom Making. And when all your fiber projects are finished, it’s a good time to take a class on Natural Dyeing — like Wearing the Natural Colors of Appalachia — or to stop by for a visit to the community dye pot, listed under Wearing Wild Colors: The Natural Dye Pot Project.


After you’ve spent days transforming that deer hide into a strong beautiful piece of buckskin leather, it’s time to figure out all the things you can do with it. That’s why we have an entire track of classes on the craft of leather-working. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find something of interest among the Leatherwork classes, including Buckskin Patterning Basics; Intro to Sewing Buckskin; Leather Knife Sheaths; Southeastern Moccasin Making; Making Buckskin Bags; and Beginner or Advanced Leather Wallet Making.

Other Classes

Firefly has classes for everyone and for a vast array of interests. Please check out our other class themes: Crafts; Plant Medicine and Food; Permaculture and Gardening; Natural Parenting; Community and Storytelling; Fire, Metal, and Stone; Homesteading / Survivalism; Natural Building and Appropriate Technology; and Bushcraft and Campcraft.