Create beautiful gifts for our instructors as part of Firefly Gathering’s Worktrade program.

We offer each instructor works of art and beauty in gratitude for their teaching at the Gathering. Your work can be part of all that is needed to make Firefly Gathering happen. Expect to donate 30 hours of your time to create your craft and Firefly Gathering will reimburse you for your materials.

We are looking for folks to start as soon as possible so there is time to complete the projects with ease and grace:

  • Leatherworker for belts
  • Meadmaker
  • Poplar bark basket maker
  • Potters to make mugs, cups, bowls, or small plates
  • Natural Jewelry makers using shells, feathers and the such
  • Blacksmith for simple hanging hooks
  • Seamster/Seamstress who can work with heavy cloth
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