Evening Entertainment

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See last year’s Evening Event Schedule here. (opens a PDF)


At Firefly, We like to have a lot of fun together in the evenings.

We listen while Doug Elliot tells stories and plays a fierce harmonica.

We drum and dance around the fire to awesome primitive beats.

We play old-timey music.

We have amazing conversations.

We listen to Cherokee Stories from a native storyteller.

We watch performances and concerts from Rising Appalachia, Lobo Marino, and others.

We hang out.

We hold very sweet and intentional mead circles.

We hope that you will join us, even if you’re not attending the Gathering itself. Limited tickets are available nightly for Evening Entertainment only.

There are lots to choose from:

Storytelling, Performance, Spectating, Drumming, Dancing, Jamming, Gratitude-centered mead circles, Small group hang-outs, Star-gazing, and anything else you might dream up.