2018 Financial Statement

Sliding Scale Tickets

Firefly Gathering sets ticket prices on a sliding scale in order to build our village equitably. We have several payment options, including worktrading for part or all of a ticket. Offering a sliding scale ticket program allows everyone to come to Firefly.

The lowest price on the sliding-scale spectrum does not fully cover operating costs of the Firefly Gathering. This price is meant for individuals who need financial support.  

Our recommended price is our at-cost price for individuals who can afford to pay it.

The highest price on the sliding scale is meant for individuals who have the means to financially support the Firefly community.

We determine the pricing options based on similar programs near and far. We have also developed our pricing over the years to simply cover the costs of the event. Ticket revenues contribute to the overall budget of Firefly, which allows for:

  • others to attend Firefly with financial support;
  • increased support for Firefly instructors, most of whom donate their time and the class materials;
  • better planning, supplies and materials for the event; and
  • better wages for our staff, many of whom put in hundreds of hours each year.


Raising a Village

Many people who come to Firefly contribute quite a lot. Some donate excellent skills classes, some their time and hard labor, some bring fresh vegetables from their garden to feed the people.

We invite everyone who attends Firefly to bring something to the gathering to contribute. This could be as simple as an extra meal for a friend you meet there or some spare rain gear for someone who forgot to bring their own. What did you wish you had at your first earthskills gathering?  Some say that “you only get out what you put in.” We believe this is especially true of learning experiences and building communities.


Youth Program

We are excited to announce that this year we are expanding Youth Village to 5 age groups. With a team of 12 qualified and loving adults to nourish and instruct Firefly youth, we are working to make Firefly an even better family event. To make this possible, we are now requiring registration for all children 3 years and older and requesting a small fee for children 3 – 8. Fully 100% of these fees will go toward funding Youth Village, providing snacks, materials and small stipends to the people who pour their hearts into making this event memorable and inspiring. Thank you for understanding and supporting the leaders of tomorrow.


Staff Payment

Firefly staff view hosting this event as an act of community building and philanthropy. Staff receive a very modest amount of monetary compensation, which is all Firefly can afford. This allows the staff to take needed time off from other paying work so they can host and help plan this gathering with the attention it deserves. Most staff are paid just over minimum wage, while the central staff make a couple extra dollars an hour. We would one day like to be able to afford to pay all of our staff a living wage.