Fire, Metal and Stone Classes


We have crossed many significant thresholds on our journey to becoming modern human beings: walking upright, language, art, religion, horticulture and irrigation. Perhaps the most important is the careful cultivation and taming of fire. This ancient skill is one of the primary human technologies that our ancestors utilized and honored. At Firefly, we host a wide assortment of classes that get into the details and variety of fire crafts. In the past, these have included: Fire with Flint and Steel, Bow Drill, Hand Drill, Fire-Making for Women, Building Strike-a-Light Kits, Fat Lighters, Egyptian Bow Drill, and more.

Primitive Weaponry

What’s more fun and exciting than primitive projectile weaponry?  It’s deep inside us, no doubt. You can see it in how a child is intuitively drawn to a bow and arrow. In wanting to support this primitive prowess, we offer all sorts of hands-on classes that teach how to use and make the weapons and hunting tools of our ancestors. To name a few: Cherokee Knife Throwing, Primal Embodiment Archery, Total Tomahawk, Primitive Sling-Making and Throwing, Ancient Weapons–Atlatls, Custom Arrows Construction, and Custom Bow Construction.  Safe and responsible primitive projectile weaponry is taught by experienced instructors.


Every year at Firefly, we have ongoing blacksmithing demonstrations and workshops. Several veteran blacksmiths who know the art inside and out come to share their knowledge of this craft. Interest in its many manifestations from more primitive set-ups to more modern ones has been growing in our community. There’s nothing better than making your own weapons, traps or woodworkings with a metal tool you created by hand.

Metal Tools

As anyone who has farmed, homesteaded or built their own cabin knows that, next to safety, there is hardly anything else as important as having the know-how and competency to take care of and fix your tools. That’s why we have classes featuring the age-old wisdom of tool maintenance, sharpening and care for just about any traditional tool you’ve heard of (and any traditional tool you may have not heard of): Axes and Adzes; Chisels and Gouges; Drawknives and Spokeshaves; Drills, Augers, and Planes; Knives and Scrapers; and Saws and Files. You name it! You might want to swing by a flea market on your way to Firefly and bring some old tools with you!

Other Classes

Firefly has classes for everyone and for a vast array of interests. Please check out our other class themes: Crafts; Plant Medicine and Food; Permaculture and Gardening; Natural Parenting; Community and Storytelling; Fire, Metal, and Stone; Homesteading / Survivalism; Natural Building and Appropriate Technology; and Bushcraft and Campcraft.