Gardening and Permaculture

We have a range of classes about plant medicine and food.

For Closely related classes, please check out our Homesteading / Survivalism Classes.

Organic Gardening

Learning the basics of organic gardening is the initial baby step that many of us take in order to live a more earthy, sustainable and healthy life, but it’s also something that we can keep learning more and more about as our horticultural savviness evolves over lifetimes. At Firefly, we have a wide variety of classes on gardening and farming that span from introductory and general topics to the more specific and advanced. In the past some of our classes have included topics like Seed Saving and Plant Propagation, Gardening by the Moon, Milpa Farming, Year-Round Garden Plans, Gardening with Kids, Successional Garden Planning with Annuals, and Cultivating Healthy Living Soil.


Western North Carolina is a hotspot for practicing “Permies” — permaculture-inspired rural homesteaders and urban permaculturists alike. Many of these creative and experimental minds come together every summer at Firefly to share their year’s trials and lessons and to teach about what they currently find the most inspiring. A significant part of Firefly is basically an unofficial permaculture gathering, and, indeed, we have just as many permaculture classes as the Southeast Permaculture Gathering. You name it, we probably have it: Perennial Vegetables, Nut Tree Agroforestry, Soil-ology in the Permaculture Site, Low-Tech Mushroom Cultivation, Permaculture 202: Water and Ecology, Grafting Fruit Trees, Home Orchard Design, and Local Tours of Real-Life Forest Gardens.

Other Classes

Firefly has classes for everyone and for a vast array of interests. Please check out our other class themes: Crafts; Plant Medicine and Food; Permaculture and Gardening; Natural Parenting; Community and Storytelling; Fire, Metal, and Stone; Homesteading / Survivalism; Natural Building and Appropriate Technology; and Bushcraft and Campcraft.