Firefly Gathering’s 2018 location will be in beautiful Leicester, NC


Photo credits:  Robert J. Baker

Farm at Green Heron Pond

Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the Farm at Green Heron Pond offers a serene, natural setting for gatherings. Fifty acres of rolling pastures and woods surround the Green Heron Pond. Large grassy fields and coves give groups choices for meetings, performances and ceremonies. Wildflower gardens, wooded trails, and the banks of a trickling creek offer places of solitude and habitats for the birds, deer, rabbits, and butterflies that make the farm their home. The fire pit and meadows are magical places for gathering, star gazing and enjoying the songs of the evening creatures.

The Farm at Green Heron Pond is located just 18 minutes from the center of Asheville, NC, at 181 Browntown Road in Leicester, North Carolina. Please refrain from inspecting the location before the event, as the private residents who live there deserve their peace and privacy.

See below for written directions and link to Google Map.  Be sure to read disclaimer if you plan to use GPS or a GoogleMap.   We’ll also post event sitemaps as soon as they are finalized in a few days, which you’ll also receive when you reach the Registration Tent.

How you can arrange car-pooling:

We are charging for parking this year.  $15 for a parking pass for the entire event or any part of the event if you are alone in your vehicle.  $10 for two people in the vehicle.  $5 for three people in the vehicle. Four or more people in the vehicle get a FREE parking pass.  We have set up a special car-pool system at this dedicated link designed exclusively for Firefly attendees:

It’s very user-friendly. You can create (add) a “car” and then other people can join the car.  If no car is already available for you to join, then you can create a new car or put your names on a “wait list”.  Drivers can pull names from the wait list to add to the cars.  The program automatically notifies drivers and riders by email of all transactions.  Everything is totally user controlled.  The only thing Firefly does is monitor the overall program and troubleshoot if necessary.  It’s not set up to require phone numbers (on purpose), but drivers and riders can exchange phone numbers via email if they want to.