Natural Building and Appropriate Technology

Natural Building

Clay. Straw. Wood. Stone. Debris shelters. Wattle-and-daub walls. Timber-framing. Tiny homes. Three-season shelters. Putting a roof over one’s head is one of the most important ways we empower ourselves and become fully human, and there are as many different strategies of how to do that naturally as there are traditional cultures in the world. At Firefly, we arrange for skilled and experienced instructors to share some of these very basic and deeply ancient nest-building techniques…hands-on, of course! Past classes have included topics like Mortise & Tenon Joinery; Timber Framing; Debris Survival Shelters; Earth-Oven Construction; Building with Cob; Dry Stacking Stone Walls; and field trips to Portable Sawmills and Eco-Homesteads.

Living Off-Grid with Appropriate Technology

Our culture has become inundated with so many fossil-fuel technologies that it can be hard at times to image what life would be like without this destructive and unsustainable form of dependency. But that is exactly what we are trying to do: Imagine and create the alternative technologies we need in order to thrive in resilient local communities. Some of the classes at Firefly to support this noble aim include skills like Home-Scale Bio-char Production; Making Cob Rocket Stoves; Farming with Draft Horses; Primitive Blacksmithing; Spring Tapping 101; Using Scythes and Sickles; Introduction to Solar Power; and Making Primitive Pottery.

Other Classes

Firefly has classes for everyone and for a vast array of interests. Please check out our other class themes: Crafts; Plant Medicine and Food; Permaculture and Gardening; Natural Parenting; Community and Storytelling; Fire, Metal, and Stone; Homesteading / Survivalism; Natural Building and Appropriate Technology; and Bushcraft and Campcraft.