Natural Parenting and Mentoring

For Closely related classes, please check out our Community and Storytelling Classes.

Classes that Matter for Raising a Healthy Next Generation

In 2015, we added a new track of classes specifically geared toward sharing the skills and wisdom it takes to bring into this world and raise up healthy kids, because they are ones who are going to carry the torch of our culture forward. We are excited to support and empower the families that make up our communities, and we plan on growing this track to include anything that Asheville and the Earthskills community has to offer with regard to alternative birthing, mentoring and parenting.

Some of our past classes have included topics like: Natural Infant Hygiene; Diaper-Free Babies; Raising Confident Girls & Sensitive Boys; Traditional Baby-Wearing; Healthy Postpartum Care; Nature Awareness Games; and Cool Stuff You Can Do With Kids.

Other Classes

Firefly has classes for everyone and for a vast array of interests. Please check out our other class themes: Crafts; Plant Medicine and Food; Permaculture and Gardening; Natural Parenting; Community and Storytelling; Fire, Metal, and Stone; Homesteading / Survivalism; Natural Building and Appropriate Technology; and Bushcraft and Campcraft.