None of these are required, but they may help to make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable.
Highly Recommended
  • Waterproof shelter or tent
  • Sleeping bag and/ or blankets
  • Flashlight
  • A good, sharp knife (If you don’t have one and you want one, there may be some good-quality knives available to purchase from Craft Vendors.)
  • A notebook and writing implements for taking lots of notes during class sessions
  • A jacket or sweater.  Evenings can get chilly when the sun goes down, even in summer.
  • Rain gear
  • Food for yourself and/or to share
  • Your own dishware: plates, bowls, silverware, pans, pots, etc.
  • Water bottle and hat.  The Leicester site offers delicious well water.  All campers should carry water bottles and wear hats, as the sun can be strong and dehydration is a serious concern.  Young children especially should have water bottles and wear hats at all times.
  • A few of the classes require small fees for materials that the instructors have purchased or spent time gathering. You may want to bring some pocket money in case you wish to take any of these classes.
  • Spending money for our Craft Vendors, which will offer high-quality goods, artifacts and specialty items.  Do your holiday shopping here!
  • Spending money for our Food Trucks, which will offer tasty hot and cold meals and snacks throughout the event.
  • Rolling cart or wagon to truck your stuff from the shuttle drop-off point at the Registration Desk to your selected campsite.
  • Lawn chairs or portable chairs
  • Propane stove (if you prefer cooking on your own rather than the communal kitchen)
  • Solar shower bag (available online and at camping stores for as little as $20)
  • Bathing suit and towel, though we cannot guarantee lake swimming will be available.
  • Musical instruments
  • Insulated sleeping pad
  • Extra shoes and socks
  • Earplugs (for light sleepers)
A communal kitchen area with stoves and running water will be available for general use. For cooking by fire, we will also have a primitive kitchen and appropriate cooking implements for your use.

Fires are not permitted at individual campsites. No fireworks at all!