Parking & Ridesharing


Parking at the event is limited. Please arrange carpooling. The price of parking passes is reduced if you carpool, and you get a free parking pass if you have enough people in your vehicle!

Carpool and Save!  Scroll down to see how easy we’ve made it for you to create a carpool or join an existing one!

Every vehicle which arrives must pay for parking. One parking pass is good for the entire event. Parking passes are:
$15.00 for one driver
$10.00 for one driver plus a passenger
$5.00 for three people

A vehicle with 4 or more people gets FREE parking!

GroupCarpool Link

You can conserve space at the event, reduce your travel costs and save on parking fees by signing up with GroupCarpool. Visit the page we have set up exclusively for Firefly participants:

You can “add” (create) a car, or you can put your name on a “waitlist” to get added to an existing car.  It’s a great way to meet people and help us keep Firefly as vehicle-free as possible.