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Youth and Elders Programs

Little Kids: Free Attendance and Cooperative Childcare

In the early years children need love, respect and opportunities for exploration. The childcare cooperative will provide your child with just that. We will take walks through the gathering area to support our connection to the deeper community. Nature-based sensory experience will be the basis of our program. We are an inclusive program and welcome all children. Please contact Stephanie in advance if your child has special needs, so she can work with you to insure that appropriate support is available. The cooperative is led by staff who are experienced with young children, with additional support from worktraders and family members. As it is a cooperative, families who utilize the service are expected to contribute at least one shift during the Gathering.

Pre-Teen Kids

Ages 8-12

With the Firefly kids program, we aim to evoke the sense of wonder and curiosity in kids by building a greater connection to self, others, and nature. Our kids program seeks to provide a comprehensive learning experience using the “8 Shields Cultural Mentoring Model,” a system that follows the cardinal directions to deepen connections with nature and each other.

The kids will have two consistent instructors every morning who inspire a connection with and love of the natural world through games, classes, and activities. In the afternoons, kids will be offered choices of classes taught by a variety of instructors.


Ages 13-18

At Firefly we offer activities for teens to celebrate their transition into adulthood. During this coming of age time, we offer support for teen’s growth, transformation and self-confidence. We have an experienced teen program staff who will work in subtle and fun ways to help teens through this important time period. There will be a healthy teen hangout space staffed by mentors.

Teens, please come out and join us in telling stories, playing games, learning traditional skills, sneaking and stalking, and making adventures of your own creation. We will meet every morning for games and adventures, then separate in the afternoons for classes, then reconvene each evening around the teen fire to share stories from our days and spin our web of mischief and mystery.


At Firefly we strongly value and honor our elders. Our elders program is a mix of formal classes and informal discussions that range from ancestral healing and connectivity to archetypcal stories and the passages of the human existence.

Many elders in the Earthskills community will facilitate a welcoming, intergenerational space of open communication for these classes and discussions to occur.