Youth Programs



Welcome to Firefly’s Youth Village, a haven for children of all ages to come and immerse themselves in a diverse environment, fully staffed by loving and able adults who’s passion it is to inspire and awaken the innate curiosity of each individual.  The age groups are guidelines, and some children will prefer to be in a group above or below their actual age; please talk with the instructors about children’s needs, and we will do all that we can to make everyone comfortable and happy.

It is required that a parent attend at least one orientation meeting (which will happen each morning in Youth Village immediately after morning circle) before leaving their children, and sign out each child on time, at the close of each session; habitually tardy parents may be asked to remove their children from program, as our staff needs a break, too.  Some snacks will be provided, but please be sure that kids are well fed before program starts.  Also, be sure that your child has a water bottle, as no child can be left without one, and wears a hat and/or sunscreen at all times; it can get very warm during the day, even in the shade.

Thank you for bringing your children to Firefly and entrusting us in Youth Village with their care and well being; please know that it is our heart’s work to inspire in your kids the innate wonder and love for the natural world that is one of our defining characteristics as human.


2018 Schedule

Wee Ones

Our daily rhythm is simple and fluid. We join together in welcoming one another with a song circle, being tuned in to to the children’s engagement. Very young children learn to question, explore and trust through their experiences with their environment. We work to create a safe and loving atmosphere that is responsive and supportive of each child’s needs.



Thursday morning: Gathering wild medicinal herbs for a tea party

Friday morning: Painting with natural minerals and paint rocks

Saturday morning: Pottery

Sunday morning: Nature hike and awareness games


Afternoons will feature open creative nature play and crafts



Thursday –  Connecting with Our Creature Community
Morning: Leather pouch craft, story, drumming, and games
Afternoon: Pond Ecology Exploration

Friday – Plant and Mineral Exploration
Morning: Nature walk and plant weaving
Afternoon: Botany bonanza, sun tea, and wire-wrapped stone pendants

Saturday – Community Culture
Morning: Connection games and dreamweaver craft
Afternoon: Storytelling with the elders

Sunday – Learning to Live Our Gifts
Morning & Afternoon: Song circle, team building games, community service vision board



Teens will hang around their own independent yet safe fire each night, with songs, stories and facilitated conversations to explore topics relevant to being in that strange world between child and adult.


Age Group Information

WEE ONES: Cooperative Childcare

Ages 3 ½ years and under

Headed by Nora Love and Cait Turner, the child care cooperative at Firefly strives to provide children with a loving and respectful atmosphere immersed in nature.  Each family that participates in the cooperative must work one shift during the event. Please get details and sign up at the childcare tent.  Our cooperative is available during morning and afternoon class sessions.  



Ages 3 ½ to 6 years

Headed up by Sara Henry and Stephanie Davies, with joy and curiosity, kids will explore the land, play games, sing songs, tell stories and work on nature based projects.  Please have a water bottle, shoes and a hat, as some wandering will happen.



Ages 7 to 12

Headed up by Michelle Carter and Amanda Phelan, these kids will adventure outside of camp to romp through the woods learning trees and plants, bird language and more, as well as working on in-camp crafts and skills, playing games, singing songs and falling more deeply in love with the natural world. Kids need hats and shoes, and a water bottle.


Teen Camp

Ages 13-18

Headed up by Michael Ismerio, with Jon Handleman and Sandy Birch, Teen Camp is not a class, but a place; a place where teens can gather; be listened to, supported and mentored; work on projects; share food; sing; play games; or just hang out. Staffed by experienced mentors, we strive to create a safe space where our young adults can be themselves and gather with other teens. Our Teen Camp staff will model what it means to be vibrant and alive adults connected to the Earth and looking out for the village.  Teens will be encouraged to attend regularly scheduled classes by day, and to enjoy the wide array of amazing folks who teach at Firefly. Then at night, teens will be able to cook together and have their own hang-out zone around their own fire, while having teen staff around to tell stories, sing songs and be friends with the teens. Come and create memories, and make friends to last a lifetime!