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We are especially looking for the following positions:

  • Pre-event site work including carpentry, trail building and chainsaw work
  • Certified lifeguards
  • Recycling coordinator (need truck and trailer)
  • Kids program leads
  • Social media extraordinaire
  • Photographer
  • Videographer

We are accepting online payments for worktrade this year through PayPal. Please pay online if you are able; the Paypal  link will be provided once you fill out the application. If need be, you can make checks and money orders payable to Wild Abundance. Include two separate checks: one for the fee and one for the deposit, and send them together. Also, please use the same payment method (online vs. paper) for both payments, so that they both arrive together.

If you choose to mail payment, please mail to:

Firefly Gathering
Attn: Lewis Blake
P.O. Box 1991
Asheville, NC  28802

Applications for Full Trade require a $15 attendance fee and a separate $175 REFUNDABLE deposit.
Applications for Partial Trade require a $95 attendance fee and a separate $95 REFUNDABLE deposit.

This is why we require a refundable deposit:

We want to know that you will come: We need the work you are agreeing to perform. Requiring refundable deposits has provided our best assurance of accountability. We will only cash your deposit if you don’t show up or don’t complete your hours for a reason we deem unacceptable. If an immediate family member dies or you break your leg, we will probably give back your deposit. If you decide that you want to flake out, your pet fish dies or your ride falls through, we probably won’t give it back.

We will refund your PayPal payment or tear up the check for your deposit when you complete your trade. Money orders — available at post offices and Walmart — are an alternative to checks. If you use money orders, we will reimburse you with cash or a check. If you do not complete your worktrade, we will give your deposit to someone who has gone above and beyond their trade.


We rely on worktraders to run this event.

For questions: email Lewis at


Phone: 828-777-8777 — Email:

Mailing Address: Firefly Gathering, P.O. Box 1991, Asheville  NC 28802

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